Methane Zone Map of Los Angeles

Methane Zone Map of Los Angeles

The Methane Zone Map of Los Angeles is a digital map for determining a site’s proximity to methane zones and methane buffer zones. Additionally, there are various LA City databases which document each zone location. In fact, the City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Engineering, Department of Building and Safety publishes Methane Zone information for all areas within the city limits.

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This map is bases the locations of methane zones and methane buffer zones, using the coordinates of oil and gas wells. Additionally, historical and current landfill areas are a basis for this map. For example, a property with an oil well onsite is likely a methane zone property. Whereas a property 500 feet away from an oil well is likely a methane buffer zone site.

Soil gas sampling intends to study subsurface vapor phase contamination.  The goal is to identify any risk of explosive or hazardous chemical gas, which can migrate easily inside buildings. The fieldwork aspect of these test comprises of drilling at multiple locations and installing soil vapor implants at strategic intervals. Furthermore, soil gas probes undergo sample collection after a reasonable equalibriation time. And a final laboratory analysis aids the lead geologist in data collection for conclusions and recommendations.

Click This Link to View & Download the Official LA City Methane Buffer Zone Map (aka Methane Zone Map of LA).

Methane Zone Map – LADBS Provided Map Showing the Limitations of Methane Zones and Methane Buffer Zones in Los Angeles.

What does this mean?

The areas in pink coloring are methane zones. Equally important, the areas in purple coloring are methane buffer zones. Moreover, the areas with yellow coloring are LA City properties which do not fall within methane zones or methane buffer zones.

Consequently, the LADBS recommends methane testing and potential methane mitigation for building projects within the pink and purple areas.

The Sources of this Information:

The City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Engineering, Department of Building & Safety

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    • Any ignition source can be dangerous. Depending on how much of the methane soil gas is actually intruding into the building. See the link below for background info.

      The actual reason why the City of Los Angeles started the methane testing and methane mitigation standard is because of this department store explosion in the 80s. After a detailed investigation, it became apparent that methane soil gas seeps through the ground and into the building.

      Methane is colorless and odorless, so occupants will have no idea of it's accumulation indoors. And once concentrations reach the lower explosive limit (L.E.L.), any ignition source could cause combustion. The LADBS Methane Zone and Buffer Zone Map basically highlights the areas where this seepage could be a problem.

      Although I'm not certain if a burning cigarette actually makes for an ignition source, I'm pretty sure the lighter would. Keep your building space well ventilated. And if you need help finding your property on the Los Angeles City Methane Zone Map just call one of the engineering consultants recommended on this forum.

  • How do people usually figure out their property is in a methane buffer zone? I can't imagine most people in the city knowing where their lot falls on this methane zone map.