Santa Fe Springs Methane Zone Map

Santa Fe Springs Methane Zone Map

The City of Santa Fe Springs has published a Methane Zone Map of the city limits.  This map is predominantly based on the location of historical crude oil and natural gas extraction wells.  Additionally, historical and current landfill areas are also incorporated into this map.

Landfill Methane Gas Zone

The areas highlighted in red are methane zones which are within 1,000 feet of lateral distance from a landfill.  The areas highlighted in gray are landfills.

Oil & Gas Well Methane Zone

The areas outlined in green are methane zones which represent properties that are within 500 feet of a historical and/or current crude oil and gas well.

Methane Testing Soil

The areas highlighted in the map below are subject to methane soil gas hazards, and may require a methane soil gas survey and/or methane mitigation for building projects.

Methane Zone Map – By the City of Santa Fe Springs Provided Map Showing the Limitations of Methane Zones

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City of Santa Fe Springs

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